We’re excited that you will be joining us this year!

Our event details and basic rules are here. Useful if you never attended, or if you need a refresher.

Please review our code of conduct and anti-harassment policy.

Only register your confirmed +1s. Folks that are tentative should self-register when they’ve made up their mind.

If you want to pay for someone else, here’s the suggested procedure:

  1. Get on the phone/text with this person
  2. Register using THEIR email address and their full name, this will require them to read back to you their email confirmation code
  3. Proceed with shift assignment
  4. Pay for the registration using YOUR credit card details

By doing this, your friend will be receiving our emails, have their name on the staffing sheet, and can self login to see their registration details, such as their staffing shift.

By registering you acknowledge that you reviewed the code of conduct, and that you agree to follow the code.